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Custom Services

Our key strategy is to improve our core competition ability by strengthen the independent innovation capability. Our scientific team is comprised of PhDs and MS/BS level scientists with extensive experience in medicinal chemistry. They are willing to take on customer's challenges to develop and produce tailor-made compounds, and are committed to providing in-time development and delivery of qualified compounds.

Process Development & Optimization
The company has established an excellent process research and development team, with strong professional and technical capabilities and innovative development capabilities, can independently design and develop process routes suitable for large-scale production for customers, with efficiency and quality as the core, safe and efficient process research and development, to provide customers with new routes, new products, new thinking.

Custom Synthesis
Provide high-quality, cost-effective custom synthesis services, specifications from grams to tons with the ability to overcome difficult chemical synthesis. At the same time, we carefully listen to customers' opinions, and provide timely and effective feedback and improve our services to ensure high quality and timely delivery of products.
Each project is an opportunity to enhance a valued business partnership. We focus on understanding the demands of each individual client so that we can tailor our services to our clients’ needs, and we take great pride in delivering punctual and professional results.

Pilot and Commercial Production
Pilot and commercial production of key raw materials and intermediates;
Continuous optimization and improvement of production processes and quality control systems;
The production platform is equipped with multi-functional production lines to ensure efficient and stable production capacity;
Passed many international corporate audits and obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 certification


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