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We always welcome professional, effective and ambitious members of staff and who will contribute to the success of our expanding business at Watec Laboratories Inc. Innovation and creation is the key point of improving health and keeping company under sustainable development with increasing profits.
We deeply realize that as a successful company we must display team spirit and always overcome limits of organization structure and different local areas, in order to satisfy customers’ every challenge requirement. We will do our best to provide opportunity for all staffs from company’s strata to demonstrate their leading talent.

1. Senior Organic Synthesis Researcher 
Job Requirements:
1. Aged below 40, majored in Organic Chemistry or related professions, master’s degree or above, with 2-3 years’ experience in organic synthesis;
2. With CET-4 certificate, ability to read literature and analyze atlas independently, and strong capability to analyze and solve problems independently;
3. Able to complete chemical reaction skillfully, make comprehensive result analysis, and accomplish research project with certain degree of difficulty under assistance;
4. With good communication skills and team spirit, high sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit;
5. Finish experiment record and report clearly and completely

2. Organic Synthesis Research Assistant 
Job Requirements: 
1. Major in Organic Chemistry or related professions, college degree or above;
2. With strong interest in organic synthesis, and strong experimental operational capability and re-learning ability;
3. Good team spirit; work conscientiously and carefully; strong sense of responsibility;
4. Finish experiment record and report clearly and completely.

3. Quality Supervisor 
Job Requirements: 
1.  Major in Chemistry or related professions, college degree or above;
2. Able to work independently; highly capable of analyzing and solving problems independently;
3.  With relevant work experience.
4.  Very familiar with ISO9000 and cGMP and GLP quality system

Contact Us

Contact Us

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