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Production Capacity

Through transfer of technology to manufacturer of our shareholding or contract manufacturing, we can flexibly respond to diverse production needs with a wide range of operating condition and quality system. We have already signed long-term contact-manufacturing with many famous Chemical companies, and their products have passed ISO9001,ISO22000 certification, are widely recognized and praised by the industry.

Green Chemical Synthesis Site

The manufacturing site has a 5000m² production workshop, a 1000m² material warehouse, and a 300m² QC laboratory. It has more than 100 sets of large-scale reaction equipment, and has successfully enlarged many projects Production, the annual output of intermediates exceeds 500 tons.

Biological Fermentation Site

Located in Shangdong Province, this fermentation production site ISO9001 certificated has advanced biological fermentation equipment, biological extraction and purification equipment, and GMP standard air purification system.


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